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Do you know that out of the top 100 universities in the world, 8 are from Australia? Beyond the beaches, oceans, kangaroos or opera house, Australia offers world class education and living. It is the 13th largest economy and has the highest number of foreign students. With impressive education system and research programmes, Australia institutions have managed to obtain good international rankings. The decision to study in Australia opens doors for students to choose from approximately 1100 institutions offering around 22000 courses. Universities in Australia are known for its high quality education with a huge focus on research and innovation.

Apart from the education model, factors like affordable living and financial aid also work in favour of students willing to experience overseas education. Australia education counsellors at Raven Education provide a step by step guidance to students who wish to embark in the journey for higher education while enhancing their career prospects. If you are still mulling over the option of studying abroad, know that overseas education in Australia will transform your life in the best possible way. Get in touch with our experts now to find everything about education and courses in Australia.

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