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IELTS tests candidates’ linguistic abilities and is accepted universally. It is considered the first step towards your dream of working or studying abroad. There are more than 10K institutes and organizations, which accept IELTS. This test is also accepted for the immigration purposes around the world.

Purpose of IELTS

IELTS is designed to test whether you have the ability to communicate with natives of your host country or not. Here, the host country is the one, where you are planning to live for the duration of your educational or professional endeavours.

About the Test

It is a 3-hour test, designed to assess your skills to comprehend the English language. IELTS comprises speaking, writing, reading and listening modules. During the test, aspirants will also have to pass a face-to-face conversation round. Your examiner will be a native English speaker. A trusted team of experts design exam pattern and questions of IELTS. It gives a fair assessment of language skills and is consistent enough.

Recently, the pattern of IELTS is changed. Secure English Language Tests (SELT) is added for Tier-4 visa applicants.

There are two modules in IELTS:

IELTS Academic
It is for those, who want to pursue graduation or post-graduation or are seeking professional registration overseas.
IELTS General Training
This exam is designed for the following purposes:
• To immigrate to another country.
• To study in a school or college away, from home country.
• To work in another country.
• To get professional training abroad.

Note: Every organization and country has its specific entry requirement. So first, confirm the requirements of the organization, which you are about to join.

For instance, UK government has accepted IELTS as Secure English Language Test (SELT) for immigration purposes. So, there is a specific test named UKVI for the people, who want to enter the UK through this test. The test format is same for both IELTS and IELTS for UKVI. The difference is that – For UKVI, the test venue is administered with CCTV or video recording facility.

Extension to IELTS – IELTS Life Skills

IELTS Life Skills is an exam for those, who are bound to study or work in the UK and to prove their English competency. Such people need to go through Level A1, A2 or B1 of the Common European Framework (CEFR):

  • A1 – For ‘Family of a Settled Person’ visa [Duration is 16-18 minutes]
  • A2 – For Visa Extension[Duration is 20 minutes]
  • B1 – To remain in the country for an indefinite time period or to apply for the citizenship of a particular country. [Duration is 22 minutes]

IELTS Exam Results

  • Results are available within 13 days of the exam.
  • This result is valid for 2 years. For example, the result of IELTS 2018 will remain valid until 2020.
  • One candidate can get only one copy of the result.

Usefulness of IELTS

To Get Admission in well-known Academic Institutes
Universities and Colleges demand IELTS score to prove English language expertise.
The test for professionals
It is essential for the professionals, joining a new country for teaching, pharmacy nursing, law engineering, accounting, medicine, etc. All these industries accept IELTS score.
Helps in Migration
To award citizenship, the governing bodies of most of the countries require test score of an English proficiency making IELTS score as pre-requisite.
The most reliable test
This test is consistent, convenient and allows impartial assessment for all candidates.

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